How to prepare for your Botox appointment

Tell your provider if you’ve received any type of botulinum toxin (Botox) injections within the past four months. Also be sure to tell him or her if you take muscle relaxants, sleeping aids or allergy medications.

If you take blood thinners, you may need to forgo them for several days before your injection, to reduce your risk of bleeding or bruising. This is something that Tara at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine will discuss with you during your complimentary consult.

What you can expect with your Botox Treatment

Before the procedure

Most people tolerate the discomfort of the injection well. We do not apply numbing cream due to he relatively low pain that is associated with this procedure. But we may want to numb your skin to be numbed beforehand, if your palms or soles are being treated for excessive sweating. Your doctor might use one or more of various methods available to numb the area, such as topical anesthesia, ice and vibration anesthesia, which uses massage to reduce discomfort.

During the procedure

Tara uses a thin needle to inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin or muscles. The number of injections needed depends on many factors, including the extent of the area being treated. She does not provide cookie cutter experience. You are unique and so are your goals. Tara has spent years training around the world to develop her facial assessment skills to ensure proper delivery of the neurotoxin.

After the procedure

Expect to resume your normal daily activities right after the procedure. Take care, though, not to rub or massage the treated areas. This can cause the toxin to migrate to a different area.

Tara’s hard and fast rules are:

  • No HATS

for 3 days following your injections.

Botulinum toxin injections usually begin working a few days after treatment. Depending on the problem being treated, the effect may last three months or longer. To maintain the effect, you’ll need regular follow-up injections.

How to Schedule your Botox appointment in NH

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