Step into a Career in Advanced Aesthetic Medicine

Are you passionate about the transformative power of cosmetic medicine? Do you aspire to excel in a field where artistry meets science? At Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine (DCCM), we are seeking dynamic individuals to join our Injector Apprenticeship Program—a pathway designed to elevate your skills and ignite your career in the thriving world of medical aesthetics.

The DCCM Difference

At DCCM, we don’t just train apprentices; we sculpt the future leaders of cosmetic medicine. Under the mentorship of our esteemed practitioners, including the renowned Tara Delle Chiaie, you will immerse yourself in an environment that champions innovation, precision, and compassionate care. We believe that our apprentices are not just learners but are the vital force that drives our mission to beautify and enhance the human experience.

A Transformative Apprenticeship Experience

As a DCCM apprentice, you will:
– Engage in a robust, hands-on learning experience that goes beyond the basics.
– Shadow and support real-world procedures and patient interactions.
– Develop proficiency in a comprehensive suite of cosmetic treatments under expert guidance.
– Gain invaluable insights into the operational excellence of a top-tier cosmetic medicine practice.
– Connect with a network of professionals dedicated to your growth and success.

Craft Your Career with Confidence

Your dedication will be met with our commitment to providing you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to become a confident and skilled practitioner. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you will emerge not just with enhanced technical abilities but with a holistic understanding of the patient care journey that distinguishes DCCM professionals in the competitive landscape of cosmetic medicine.

Apprentice Commitments and Career Development Path

Scheduling Structure:
– Observation Phase: Align with mentor Tara’s timetable, accessible on Boulevard. Typical shadowing occurs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with occasional Thursdays.
– Progression Phase: Upon mastering specific treatments, apprentices are granted the autonomy to arrange client sessions during designated hours, primarily on Thursdays. Additional opportunities may arise contingent on shadowing commitments.

Shadowing Duties:
The essence of our apprenticeship lies in gearing up the apprentice for autonomous patient treatment and scheduling. During this phase, apprentices are expected to assist the mentor with:
– Treatment facilitation
– Consultations
– Scheduling logistics
– Preparatory and concluding procedures, including sanitization and setup of treatment spaces.

Certification Process:
– Apprentices must coordinate with Tara to schedule practice sessions on four models for each procedure they are qualifying in. These sessions may be arranged 30 minutes before or after the mentor’s availability, subject to approval.
– Models are extended a discount authorized by Tara, and the apprentice receives no compensation for these sessions.
– Official certification is granted after the successful completion of the fourth model session, enabling the apprentice to independently administer treatments.

Daily Operational Responsibilities:
– Post-certification, tasks include administering a variety of medical procedures, ensuring follow-up communications with clients, meticulous record-keeping, and adherence to DCCM treatment protocols.
– It is incumbent upon the apprentice to maintain a hygienic workspace, participate in mandatory training sessions, and manage personal scheduling efficiently.
– Preparatory duties begin 20-30 minutes prior to the first appointment, and daily tasks extend to inventory management, application of loyalty points, and upkeep of client relationships.

Professional Conduct and Brand Representation:
– Adherence to the DCCM dress code is mandatory, including prescribed scrubs and footwear.
– Active engagement on social media platforms is required, with regular posts and stories featuring DCCM-related content, utilizing brand-specific watermarks for client imagery.
– Collaboration with the marketing team and participation in promotional activities are expected, as is compliance with protocols for ordering supplies and engaging with influencers.
– A minimum of 8 weeks’ notice is required for time off requests to ensure seamless scheduling and client service continuity.

Join Our Esteemed Team

At Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine, we foster a nurturing environment that propels our apprentices towards mastery and success with a career in cosmetic medicine. If you are poised for a challenging yet rewarding career trajectory, we invite you to step forward and explore this opportunity with us.

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