Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is located at Towle Office Park 1 Merrill Industrial Drive Building E, Suite 26 Hampton NH, 03842. We gathered the best beauty experts to work collaboratively with you to surpass your skin rejuvenation expectations. Our mission: Bringing one’s inner beauty to the Surface while remaining cognizant of the client’s total well-being!



Tara Delle Chiaie

Tara Delle Chiaie, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, ABAAHP Owner/Master Aesthetic Injector

My name is Tara and I am the owner of Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine. I have been in medicine since 2002 as a Registered Nurse. In 2011 I graduated from the accelerated program at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and immediately became nationally recognized through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. In 2023, I earned my Doctoral Degree, specializing in adverse event management in aesthetic medicine.  I grew up in the beauty industry and found it was a great union to blend beauty with medicine. I have an astute sense of safety, while my experience guides my practice to produce beautiful and natural results. My goal is to continually fine-tune the art of bringing one’s inner beauty to the Surface…




Ilianna, Clinical Nutrition Specialist

Ilianna holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Bridgeport University and earned her state license as “Nutritionist/Dietician” with the department of public health in Connecticut. Her studies focused on nutrition, biochemistry, and functional medicine. She is board certified by the national board, Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) and holds a certification in First-Line Therapy for coaching patients who struggle with metabolic syndrome and weight-loss. Ilianna has extended studies in holistic care for health and beauty, and three years of focused study in Integrative Manual Therapy. She is the founder of Nutritional Artistry, LLC.






Tara Delle Chiaie

Haley Sutherland Fort, Project Manager

Haley is a dynamic, and passionate member of the DCCM™ team, bringing a unique blend of expertise in both biology and archaeology to her role. A proud graduate of Tufts University, Haley earned a dual degree in Biology and Archaeology in 2020, coupled with a minor in pre-medical studies. This robust educational background has provided her with a profound understanding of the intricacies of human health and the historical context of healthcare practices.

Upon joining DCCM™, Haley found what she fondly describes as her “dream job” post-University. As she revels in her current role, she remains committed to expanding her knowledge and skills in the medical field.

Haley’s primary responsibilities at DCCM™ involve managing projects for DCCM™ Academy, the organization’s esteemed training institute for future aesthetic injectors. In addition, she offers invaluable support in the office, where she assists our providers during aesthetic procedures while elevating the entire team at DCCM™.

Her keen attention to detail, innovative problem-solving abilities, and unwavering dedication to the client experience make Haley an indispensable asset to the DCCM™ team.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a ceaseless commitment to her professional development, Haley is poised to make significant contributions to the fields of aesthetic healthcare and nursing. Her combined passion for healthcare and education positions her as a key player in shaping the future of DCCM™ Academy and delivering outstanding care to all clients.



Erica Thurlow, Licensed Esthetician 

For more than two decades Erica has been invested in the science of skin and beauty. She has a passion for crafting realistic result-oriented treatment plans utilizing her comprehensive knowledge in aesthetics.

Erica attended Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics following high school and spent a large part of her career in a management role at a high end destination spa. Erica had the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of skin types and conditions, enhancing her knowledge and treatment capability. Her goal is beyond treating the skin’s surface and prides herself on creating an extraordinary experience for each and every patient. She has dedicated her career to delivering effective treatments providing solutions to health, wellness, and beauty concerns.

Each patient is treated with a personalized plan and leaves with a glow that radiates outside and as well as in. Medical spa is her new home but keeps true to her roots that speaks of luxury and relaxation and is a perfect fit for DCCM™.

Erica is a licensed aesthetic instructor and has obtained many certifications as a commitment to the ever-changing industry; Coolsculpting, photo facial, advanced medical grade peels, dermaplane, hydrafacial, Reiki and has experience working with a variety of holistic and medical skincare lines.

Living locally Erica likes to spend her time with her children and can be found most evenings with them at the beach near their home.


Katie Boucher, Licensed Esthetician

Katie is a vibrant, and dedicated licensed esthetician, fresh from her extensive training at Empire Beauty School. Her passion for skincare, and wellness was the catalyst for her journey into esthetics. This journey quickly led her to join the esteemed DCCM™ team upon her graduation and subsequent triumph in her state board licensing examination.

Specializing in a broad spectrum of skincare services, Katie possesses the knowledge and skills to assess skin conditions, recommend appropriate treatments, and perform various facial and body procedures. Since her graduation she has swiftly become a ZO certified specialist adding immense value to our patients.  Her innovative approach to esthetics, combined with her commitment to making her clients feel comfortable and relaxed, allows Katie to deliver high-quality care that not only revitalizes the skin, but also rejuvenates the spirit of each of our clients at DCCM™.

Eager to broaden her horizons in the field of healthcare and rise within the practice, Katie is excited to further her studies at Great Bay Community College in the fall of 2024, where she plans to begin her nursing career. She believes that this next step will augment her understanding of holistic wellness and allow her to provide even more comprehensive care to her clients. She is excited to learn with Tara given her deep dedication to not just patient safety but provider education.

Katie’s deep-seated passion for health and beauty, her unwavering dedication to her clients, and her commitment to continuous learning make her an invaluable member of the DCCM™ team and a promising future nurse. 

Grace Cragg, Guest Specialist 

Grace joined the team in 2022 after graduating from Plymouth State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Pre-Law. Grace is passionate about helping others grow and learn. She believes that everybody that walks through the doors should feel like they are a part of our DCCM™ family. Grace guides the day-to-day function at DCCM™ to ensure that our staff is providing our patients with a comfortable, one-of-a-kind experience. Growing up with a mom who is an Esthetician, Grace was introduced to the world of skincare at a young age. She knows the importance of taking care of yourself at the surface in order to feel good both inside and out.


At Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine in Hampton NH on the Seacoast, we treat all kinds of complexions and conditions. The benefit of being treated at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is you don’t just get a Surface treatment: you get the benefit of an experienced and highly trained provider with nearly 20 years in medicine. We can evaluate you both internally and externally. You may be surprised to know that a majority of skin disorders arise from a much more complex internal source. To get started, give us a call at (603) 783-1087. Stay tuned to hear about one of our amazing success stories…

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