Blonde womanOur signature facials offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. Each facial pampers our clients with heated moist towels, a heated pad for comfort, extraction, aromatherapy, steam, and our specialized facial massage.


DCCM Signature Facial (75 Minutes) – $125

The DCCM Signature Facial is an hour and fifteen minutes of pure bliss, customized for personal skin concerns and needs. Your therapist will start with a deep cleanse and a dermaplane to remove the top layer of dead cells and encourage better penetration of products. With the skin perfectly prepped, fruit-derived enzymes or the ZO stimulator peel will be applied to encourage healthy skin turnover and soften the appearance of fine lines, large pores, dark spots, and other imperfections. Extractions are then performed when necessary to clean out any congested pores, followed by an upper body, neck, and facial massage. To boost hydration, clarity, and radiance, a customized mask is applied to the face, while a hand massage is offered. Lastly, a serum, hydrator, and SPF are applied for protection and the ultimate glow.

Classic One Hour Facial (60 Minutes) – $100

Our Classic One Hour Facial is designed to effectively revitalize all skin types by targeting a variety of concerns. This facial begins with a skin assessment, double cleanse and appropriate exfoliation to remove old skin cells that create dull or congested skin. After the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, extractions are performed as needed to clear pores. Your skin therapist will then apply a customized facial mask and massage the upper body, neck and hands. A finishing serum, hydrator and SPF for environmental protection are the finishing touches for radiant results.
*Add on a Dermaplane treatment to this service for further boost results ($15)

Teen Facial (45 Minutes) – $100

Customized for the specific needs of unbalanced, hormonal teen skin. This treatment begins with a double cleanse and exfoliation to remove any dirt and excess oils. A warm compress is used to soften the skin, allowing for clogged pores and blackheads to be safely and effectively extracted. High frequency is used to reduce bacteria and soothe, followed by a mask to purify pores, hydrate and further calm the skin. Appropriate serums, hydrators and sun protection finish off the treatment to ensure optimal results.

Custom Facial Service (60 Minutes) – $85 – $225

Want to have a Dermaplane but aren’t sure if you are a candidate for it? Have you been googling what a chemical peel entails and if it would help your issues with your skin? Are you looking for more than just relaxation? Then a customizable facial treatment is a right fit for you no matter what your skin concerns may be. Allow us to take all of the thinking out of what your skin needs and give you our professional and educated opinion for the right course of treatment. Not everyone fits into the same mold, and with a customized treatment, we will find the perfect piece to your skins complex and diverse puzzle. *Pricing to be determined during consultation.

Express Facial (30 Minutes) – $65

This mini facial is ideal for those on the go. An abbreviated version of the one-hour facial that is as efficient as it is effective. The express facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation and light extractions if needed. Escape for a moment with a gentle massage while masking, then get ready to face the world again with a fresh face.

Ultrasonic Facial (45 Minutes) – $175

An ultrasonic facial treatment is used to increase the production of collagen, firm the skin, and help skin cells cycle more quickly. Thus, leading to clearer, more youthful-looking skin. This type of treatment is safe for most people to use. This facial begins with a skin assessment, double cleanse and appropriate exfoliation to remove old skin cells that create dull or congested skin. The Ultrasonic handpiece utilized during the treatment will provide the majority of extractions to help clean out clogged pores. A shoulder and hand massage will be performed while relaxing under steam with a unique custom blended mask just for your skin type.

Dermaplane Facial (45 Minutes) – $100

Utilizing a special tool which is stroked along the skin, this treatment is used to remove “peach fuzz”, as well as dead skin cells. This allows for improved cell turnover, smoother looking and feeling skin and better penetration of skincare products. The Dermaplane Facial includes a double cleanse, dermaplane and customized mask, finished with the appropriate serum, hydrator and sun protection. This is a perfect on-the-go treatment when you have no downtime but want baby soft skin.

Red Carpet Ready Facial (75 Minutes) – $150

The ultimate fluff and buff treatment! Ideal for anyone who wants a facial without looking like they just had one. We will roll out the red Carpet just for you by giving you luxury with a facial to clean and prep your skin then put a bow on top of it by doing an express makeup application and sending you on your way to date night, a friend’s bridal shower, a business meeting, the possibilities are endless! You will leave not only feeling gorgeous but looking it too!

Oncology Facial (45 Minutes) – $45

Oncology Facial is designed for clients undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, or post-cancer. This facial is performed by a Certified Oncology Esthetician with the knowledge and gentle touch to treat the most sensitive clients. The Oncology Facial includes a double gentle cleanse, A customized mask is applied to the face for the upmost benefit and relaxing properties for 10 minutes. During masking, a light upper body, neck and facial massage is performed. Lastly, a finishing serum and oil are applied, along with moisturizer and SPF for environmental protection.

Chemical Peel (45 Minutes) – $150- $350

After the consultation, the appropriate peel solution is chosen to fit your skin type and needs. A double deep cleanse is performed, followed by a degreasing agent to rid the skin of any surface build-up. Once prepped the peel is applied to the skin. Lastly, calming cream and sun protection are applied for the ultimate protection.

Add on services

Dermaglobes – $15

Soothing and cooling glass globes that massage product into the skin to calm post-peel, extraction, or invasive treatment. Great for reducing redness and inflammation.

Dermaplane – $15

Dermaplanning is a safe, non-invasive, professional treatment that can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, or in combination with other treatments to enhance effectiveness. Utilizing a special tool that is stroked along the skin, this treatment is used to remove “peach fuzz”, as well as dead skin cells. This allows for improved cell turnover, smoother looking and feeling skin and better penetration of skincare products. Add on to any facial treatment and most peels.

Zo Sheet Mask – $15

The ZO Skin Brightening Sheet Mask is formulated with key ingredients – such as green tea, antioxidants and aloe – to help even skin tone, reduce inflammation and support hydration restoration. Good for all skin types.

Paraffin Treatment – $15

Adding a paraffin hand treatment to your procedure is the perfect way to soothe tired, dehydrated hands. During your facial treatment, your therapist will apply warm paraffin wax to help open the pores, heal dry skin and soothe overworked and achy hands.



At Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine in Hampton NH on the Seacoast, we treat all kinds of complexions and conditions. The benefit of being treated at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is you don’t just get a Surface treatment: you get the benefit of an experienced and highly trained provider with nearly 20 years in medicine. We can evaluate you both internally and externally. You may be surprised to know that a majority of skin disorders arise from a much more complex internal source. To get started, give us a call at (603) 783-1087. Stay tuned to hear about one of our amazing success stories…

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