Lip augmentation is all the buzz right now.  Be sure you have your Lip Filler placed in a medical facility with a provider invested in their outcomes and education.

We love lips, lips and more lips. In the right hands lips can be a beautiful feature. They don’t have to be huge or overdone. Years of experience, thousands of syringes and travel all over the world has helped Tara to master the art of injecting. Not only is she talented with her outcomes; she has developed a highly sought after protocol for safety. Stay tuned to learn more about choosing the right injector. Don’t fall for a scam or a quick discount. Those discounts are offered typically by new injectors desperate for clients that lack formal training and knowledge of safety. Choose wisely as your future depends on it.

1 Syringe of Juvederm @ Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine

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You can book online by clicking on this link, or if you prefer you can call (603) 783-1087. We look forward to helping you along your personal journey.


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