I have always been curious by nature, so, of course, medicine was a natural fit for me. In the field of medicine, I can explore the human mind and the human body. I began my career as a nurse and climbed the rungs of education. Currently, I am a master’s prepared Nurse Practitioner. I am actively earning my Doctorate to finalize my terminal degree. Education will never stop for me. I am a provider, a caregiver, a scientist, an educator, a student, and a researcher. Since I began in aesthetic medicine almost ten years ago, I quickly realized that it is not enough for me to merely participate in medicine and nursing; I need to improve our patients’ care. I want to help revolutionize treatment; I want to impact knowledge and patient safety to enjoy the fantastic field of aesthetic medicine.

Research is where I have found my love of artistry, and clinical inquisition is coupled to create innovative treatments utilizing existing technologies. I have spent my entire adulthood in medicine and perfecting the craft of aesthetic medicine.

I am eager to continue developing multi-modality treatment protocols and revolutionize the entry-level of academics to enter into the field of aesthetic medicine. Safety is not just for the patients. It is for the providers practicing in this unique field as well.

I have written a white paper on my Med-Spa Mommy Make-Over. This is a one-of-a-kind treatment protocol designed by myself with the help of a few dear friends. My second publication is my recently published book on Neuroscience. The Essentials of Neuromodulation is all about the science and the art of neuromodulation for aesthetic providers. I have three more journal articles coming out for publication this fall on neurotoxin, facial assessment, and the importance of proper education before beginning your aesthetic career. But that is not all I do. I was recently on the cover of Playboy Magazine, where they featured myself and my business. The title was Beauty and Brains. I enjoy learning, sharing, and celebrating the success of my patients and peers.

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