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Being in medicine for 21 years; this is an industry I understand. I spent almost 17 years in Emergency Medicine dealing with disaster after disaster. I learned to expect the unexpected and then learned to succeed in this concept. ER staff work quick on their heels and their brains are always thinking in advance. I can finish your sentence and anticipate your lung sounds by your smell and or the color of your skin when you are ill. Patterns of recognition become intuitive in an ER provider.
So what does this mean to you as my patient? Well, it is a lot of things for you.
#1 I am calm and efficient in a crisis
#2 I have seen it all and not much surprises me
#3 I am used to infections both viral and bacterial
#4 Not my first experience with an epidemic or an outbreak
#5 I understand the importance of proper disaster planning versus disaster management
#6 Disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning up after blood and illness is normal; not a new concept for us.
As a medical facility, your safety has always been a priority for me. We clean before and after every patient pre-COVID and will continue to do so post COVID. We wear masks when appropriate, gloves when appropriate, we have several different types of hospital grade cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants we use on ALL of our surfaces. We know which ones to use on what surfaces, how long the wet time is, and how long the dry time is. We know which one kills which bugs!
I share this with you all so you know you were safe with me before this and you will continue to be safe with me after this. I am an ER nurse at heart as well as a scientist, a neat freak, and don’t forget always your friend. Therefore, my promise to you is I have and will continue to put your safety first and continue to follow ALL of the proper hygiene requirements.
Much love to you all!

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