Skin discoloration also known as hyper pigmentation is a tricky disorder to treat.  Please save your money and see an expert medical professional to treat this condition.  There is a variety of disorders and all require unique treatment.

The goal of treatment is management and prevention.  Be mindful that this condition takes more than one product and more than one treatment modality.  Skin discoloration is a permanent injury of the skin and requires due diligence and compliance on both the provider and the consumer.  It takes time to treat this condition and unfortunately it doesn’t go away overnight; it requires daily management.

Unsuspecting triggers for Skin Discoloration



Spray tanning

Scented body lotions

Birth Control

Obvious factors for Skin Discoloration

Sun exposure

Tanning beds

Treatment options in order of treatment intensity

1.NON HQ agents such ZO® Brightalive and C-Bright

ZO Skin Health

2. RX HQ (4% hydroquinone) such as ZO® Melanin C with Melamix

ZO Medical

3. 3 Step ZO® Chemical Peel (active ingredient 6% Retinol)

3-step peel

4. PhotoFacial (IPL), 3-6 treatments and then yearly maintenance

Syneron machine

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