Botox® is amazing alone and in combination with other services.

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We get asked this question a lot at our Hampton practice; should I be combining other treatments with my Botox?   The answer is YES if it is within your budget.  Combining treatments with your Botox® can only enhance your look.  The aging process occurs on many different levels and Botox® only addresses one of those; the muscles.

As we age we lose volume allowing the skin to sag, we develop wrinkles that become etched in the skin over time by utilizing our muscles and the appearance of brown spots surface from sun damage.  The best treatments with being minimally invasive are the following:

Dermal Filler is used to re-shape and re-volumize.

Botox® is used to prevent further damage by the breakdown of the tissue caused by the muscles and lastly,

Photofacials and micro-needling can help to smooth out uneven texture and reduce the appearance of sun damage.

The best way to start your journey is by having a consultation.  This is where your goals can be expressed and your skin analyzed by the experts.  At that point, your budget and goals will be taken into consideration as we build a road map to success for your skin.

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