With the UK leading the way in medicine, aesthetics and research, it is no surprise Tara has chosen to head across the pond to train on the latest and greatest techniques and treatments.

This month, Tara will spend a week at the Consultant Clinic in London, England, where their highly skilled team of physicians specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation through the use of injectables. Utilizing injectables to enhance and balance the face is an art form and varies with every individual. It is essential to have a licensed, skilled medical professional who fully understands facial anatomy, has an eye for aesthetics and can combine that knowledge with the right techniques to assure the best outcome.

Tara, and her team at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine are dedicated to staying current on the newest advances in medicine and aesthetics to assure each individual patient is provided with the optimal treatment plan. By training in the UK – where they are 17 years ahead of the United States – Tara will bring back new skills and approaches to add to her ever-growing bag of goodies and provide even greater options for her patients.

As a way to share her newest talents, Tara will be offering 10% off all Botox and Fillers during the FIRST WEEK in October! We anticipate the schedule to fill quickly, so call today: 603-783-1087 or book online at: or on the mindbody app.

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