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We have all been there, after a long and rigorous day of work you come home and are non stop with making dinner and getting things done to prepare yourself for another nonstop day tomorrow, the LAST thing you want to do at night takes the time to wash off the day’s buildup on your face. You’re bed beckons and you are not fighting the urge to climb in and close your eyes. However, while we sleep our skin naturally repairs and regenerates itself and will take in the toxins your pores absorb throughout the day so you might want to rethink taking the extra 2-3 mins it takes to thoroughly cleanse your skin. But before you reach for that bar of Dove soap you use all over your body let’s stop and take a glance at why we use a cleanser specific to your face rather than the same tired body wash you keep in your shower.

The skin on your face is made up of different types of cells and nerves than that of your body. Facial skin is thinner and exposed to a lot more free radicals and pollution. You need a cleanser that is delicate enough to use on such a fragile area but still tough enough to really clean out your pores and allow your products to really penetrate and go that extra mile. So where does one go to figure out what type of cleanser is appropriate for their skin’s specific conditions and needs? Luckily for you, we are ready to help you navigate this slippery slope (you see what a did there?).

The most common type of skin is combination, where you are not necessarily oily but not necessarily dry either. This is arguably the most difficult skin type to find the correct cleanser for. For this skin type, the Foamaclease by ZO is ideal. It is gentle enough to soothe and calm the skin yet effectively deep cleans and removes oil and impurities off of the skin. With botanical extracts and citric acid it will leave skin feeling thoroughly clean without that tight dry feeling that some cleansers can leave your skin with. This is also a great way to cleanse makeup! Say goodbye to those makeup remover wipes.

For skin with excess oil production or significant clogging and congestion, the Oilacleanse by ZO is perfect for purification of the oil that can sit within the pore and become stagnant bacteria thus causing breakouts. Jojoba esters help to exfoliate gently and dislodge congested pores allowing them to breathe and remain clean knocking out any potential for future breakouts as well as treat any acne that is forming or already present on the skin.

For skin that is continuously parched and lacks hydration the Hydrating Cleanser by ZO is the perfect way to cleanse your skin without stripping the barrier and allowing hydration to penetrate the skin as it cleanses. This cleanser also helps stimulate collagen leaving the skin feeling smoother and helping lock in its much-needed moisture. This cleanser is also a fantastic way to remove makeup and can even be taken right over the eyes helping to break up even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner.

Whatever your needs, whatever your concerns, we have an ideal cleanser for you here at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine. Come on in and let us offer you a trusted, professional, and educated recommendation for your cleanser. See you soon at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine!

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