Collaborating and sharing my love for the #Syneron #Candela products is a love of mine. As a business owner and a medical provider I want to have integrity and be sure the devices utilized in my practice will uphold the expectations of both the provider and the patient.

My very first laser purchase was a very thoughtful decision. I was afraid to take my business into the field of lasers in its infancy.  But I am so glad I did as that purchase opened up the world to me and was the start to so many new and amazing friendships.

As an injector the talent lies within the hand and the eye. That is something I am in control of which can offer great comfort. With lasers there is a different type of talent required and poses a different risk. Initially, it was a very new territory for me but what I quickly realized was that I bought a wonderful little powerhouse of a device. However, what was afforded to me, in addition, was an amazing relationship with my laser rep. He is #kind #honest and #professional.

There are not many sales reps out there that have the #integrity that my rep Tom from Candela has. The relationship the provider has with their sales rep can really impact patient outcomes. I am happy to offer the #coreintima #profoundrf #nordyls and #elosplus which are all Candela devices. Having the support of a knowledgeable rep allows me (your provider) the opportunity for advanced educational trainings, enhanced safety and amazing outcomes. His support of me and my practice enhances my patient’s results.
Relationships are so important and in this industry even more so, this way we can keep everyone safe and happy.

Thank you to the Candela Family and more importantly my Rep for the support and continued education and opportunity to grow within the industry.

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