3 Step PeelĀ 

Chemical peels, the elusive skincare treatment that many have heard about but few are knowledgeable about. Chemical peels offer a variety of benefits to the skin and can be used on all skin types and conditions. Dry? Congested? Sensitized? There’s a peel for that! Some peels do just that, peel the top layers of skin to reveal a beautiful surface of perfection underneath. Others have no peeling involved at all whatsoever but help to rejuvenate and revive otherwise healthy skin to optimize its natural beauty with a gorgeous glow post peel. So how do they work? Your skin takes in the acidic chemical which allows the skin to turn over its cells quicker and aids in the repairing of skin on a cellular level deep down where new cells are created. In other words, it keeps your skin healthy and happy.

A perfect example of a deep refining peel is the 3 Step Peel by ZO Skin Health. Unlike most ordinary peels, the 3 Step Chemical Peel offers a multifunctional epidermal peel that is designed with longevity in mind when it comes to keeping your results. This peel consists of a blend of retinol, salicylic, and lactic acids to exfoliate cellular build-up on the skin effectively while also adding saponins and glycerin to calm and hydrate the skin all at once. Like the name says, there are 3 steps to this peel so it is an uncomplicated and easy treatment to perform. The results are a brighter, more even complexion, Improved texture, and softer smoother skin once you are done healing. During the healing process, you will notice some peeling, redness, and drying which are normal and ideal reactions for this peel. Healing lasts about a week on average. Sometimes we need to get a little ugly to get a little pretty! So let’s get you pretty at Surface by shedding that winter skin.

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