Cellulite may be one of the most common skin conditions that you encounter in your life. It’s the lumpy or uneven skin on your buttocks, thighs, abdomen, or hips. This state occurs when the skin thins that is overlying some parts of fat, creatin an uneven surface. You can find cellulite on your thighs, abdomen, hips, breasts, and buttocks in a normal phase. Cellulite impacts more women than men because of different muscle, fat, and connective tissue allotment. Over eighty to ninety percent of women get affected by this condition. However, cellulite is not harmful. Though it can be intimidating, a better solution is ways to help you eliminate all those factors. In this post, we’ll try to discover more about cellulite and how Cellulite Reduction Profound RF helps you. See more details in this article now. You can share this bit of information with a friend who might also need help eliminating cellulite.  

Things About Cellulite

First, let’s try to look at some details about cellulite. This condition happens through a fat buildup under your skin. Most women are more prone to have this than others. The number of cellulitides you have and how you can notice based on your genes. It also goes with your age and body fat percentage. Your skin thickness can also affect how cellulite appears on your body. Yet, you have to remember that people with all body types and weights can get cellulite. The only thing is that fat distribution in ladies is more visible than in men. The collagen fibers between the muscle and your skin separate the underlying fat into several pockets. You can see more cellulite as you age. Within this stage, your skin becomes thinner, losing elasticity, exposing the rippled tissues underneath.

 So, what’s the deal with cellulite? Why do they occur? There may be a few reasons to cover, but some of it is because of: 

● Poor diet 

● Unhealthy lifestyle living 

● Genetic and hormones

● Weight gain and inactivity

● Pregnancy

All these factors can identify why you may have cellulite on your body. Do remember that having that condition with these factors is normal. So, you don’t have any matter to worry about. In that sense, what can you do about cellulite? Are there treatments to help you cure this? Of course, there is! And, while there are many, you may have heard about Cellulite Reduction Profound. So, what is this all about? And what does RF mean? Let’s see the details below. 

Cellulite Reduction Profound RF

First, the RF in the title means Radiofrequency. You may ask what radiofrequency has to do with cellulite. Radiofrequency for cellulite therapy eliminates the appearance of cellulite. It then provides skin tightening and helps improve body contours. With RF, the energy penetrates through the deep tissues of the skin and destroys fat cells for the body to remove safely. RF releases the connective tissues, causing dimples. It works by working to capitalize on the body’s natural healing processes and collagen production. Cellulite Reduction Profound RF enables tissue regeneration for smoother thighs, buttocks, and or abdomens through radiofrequency energy. After the treatment, you can say goodbye to your horrendous “cottage cheese” look on your legs or any other location! But what there is more, what can you expect from the treatment? Let’s see some information here together with the results you can gain!

What To Expect

Before the procedure starts, your provider will put a topical numbing cream on the treatment area, pursued by an injection of the numbing medication. Next, your provider will place the profound device over your thighs to begin the treatment. This device has five pairs of electrodes and microneedles on the dermal handpiece and seven pairs of needles for the subcutaneous handpiece. Each handpiece works to deliver radiofrequency energy.

The process goes directly through your skin and the tissue. As mentioned, the bumpy look of cellulite is all because of the connective bands of septae. Septae is a fibrous tissue within your body present within the natural fatty layer under the skin. So, as the septae contract, each of these pulls downwards on your skin. All you can see is a dimpled look. However, with Profound RF, all your cellulite concerns will be eliminated. Specifically, it addresses the leading cause and its root grounds in various ways. 

RF benefits: 

● Remodels the fibrous bands by increased production of collagen

● Improves the skin’s thickness, minimizing any underlying contour irregularities

● Reduce fats within the septae. This point eliminates the visibility of cellulite on the skin.

Recovery & Result

Once your treatment is over, you can expect that there may be mild soreness or redness in the treated area. Take note that all these side effects fade within the first few days to a week. You can return to your normal routine immediately after your appointment. However, remember to avoid any demanding or strenuous activity for the first twenty-four hours. Swelling and bruising are temporary and will take a few days to a week to resolve. Cellulite reduction profound RF results provide a smoother and firmer texture within the affected area. You will notice that your cellulite will slowly start to fade away after the treatment and will continue to improve over the next six months. As you begin to heal and the results come to light, your confidence will be brimming, and you will need long to show off your skin!

Final Thoughts about Cellulite Reduction

The radiofrequency solution can be effective with the energy it produces to heal specific conditions in the skin. This procedure can help change the structural factors within the deepest layers of your skin. Try this procedure if you wish to have smoother and lighter skin without your cellulite unnoticed. Make sure to talk with your provider about your skin goals and concerns. Discuss all things that may or may not affect you during the procedure. It is best to visit the nearest clinic and your trusted healthcare provider for more details about the treatment. Good luck with your journey, and may that cellulite be eliminated from your skin!

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