We offer a few support services for the oncology patient; facials, nutrition and support by our very own Nurse Practitioner.

The Oncology Facial

The Oncology Facial is designed for clients undergoing radiation, chemo-therapy or post cancer. This facial is performed by a Certified Oncology Esthetician with the knowledge and gentle touch to treat the most sensitive clients. The Oncology Facial includes a double gentle cleanse, A customized mask is applied to the face for the clients upmost benefit and relaxing properties for 10 minutes, during masking a light upper body, neck and facial massage is performed. Lastly a finishing serum and oil is applied along with moisturizer and SPF for environmental protection.

Nutritional Consult

Most oncology patients find themselves at some point in their fight with nutritional deficiencies. The medicine to rid the cancer can often leave clients nauseated and malnourished. Others suffer absorption issues due to the chemo or radiation. The highly sought after team at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine can help identify and address these issues. There is no better way to fight than with an efficiently fueled system. We are here to support you both physically and emotionally. Nutritional support for the oncology patient is a simple process that includes reviewing specific blood work with our Nurse Practitioner and then evaluating the labs to see how we can best support your systems needs. You are not alone in your fight, you have a team the minute you walk through our doors.

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