Today we had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful client that fell victim to an inexperienced injector. With non-medical owned and operated spas popping up all over; we see unfortunate outcomes more and more frequently now. Our client’s lips today were ever so slightly asymmetrical at baseline and the injector tried to overcompensate to correct to perfection. This left her top lip over filled and turned under. The client referred to herself as a Simpsons character post-injection from her previous injector.

Today we dissolved this client’s previous filler and will refill her in about a week’s time. We will progress slowly taking into consideration the clients overall goals, and features.

We just love hearing from our clients on how they progress. We don’t mind if it’s at night or on the weekend. We love to hear how you are doing. More than that; we actually want to know!!! The minute you walk through the door you are our family.

Her message was spot on with how she felt about the heaviness post-injection. I don’t believe any provider intends to do harm. It happens due to a lack of experience, guidance and understanding of anatomy and product selection.  What sets us apart at DCCM is our drive to learn more and even more importantly having an intimate understanding of managing unanticipated outcomes.


Top- Filled incorrectly
Middle- Dissolved
Bottom- Corrected and refilled by Tara


Our approach is to outline the lip’s natural shape and then add subtle volume at your first sitting. At your second sitting, we will add more volume gently and begin to address subtle asymmetries. At your third sitting is when we can really get the volume you desire. The lips are a tiny space to work with and need gentle care and attention to detail.

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