Could a snail be the answer to your skincare concerns?

What is it?

Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum is the manufactured derivative of escargot. Years ago scientists found that its main ingredient, what we refer to as “snail slime”, brought about potent growth factors that could improve human skin just like it had for the snails foot that was constantly being damaged. In this case, the snails growth factor is being utilized to stimulate collagen and elastin growth.

What we offer

Our EscarGLO facial pairs Biopelle Tensage Intensive Serum with our micro needling system, the Dermapen. Before, during, and after the use of the Dermapen, the Serum is applied to the clients face. The Dermapen offers a minimally intense treatment where skin is fractured in order to in-turn be restored. It’s a less dramatic procedure than most peels and it leaves clients with great results.

This Biopelle Tensage serum possesses skin-regenerative properties and helps heal the skin during and after the Dermapen treatment. It also provides rejuvenating antioxidants and peptides which reverse the signs of aging skin.

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