Let’s learn about how valuable the skin is…

Skin is the largest organ and most important organ of the body.  But I imagine the neurologist would argue that the brain is the most important as it is responsible for telecommunications and the cardiologist would argue without the hearts pump there would be now oxygen to vital organs necessary life.  But let’s not get to far off topic.  The skin is an organ.  That is essential;, did you know that skin was an organ?


The skin varies in thickness all over the body.  It ranges from .212cm too .508cm.  If we were to lay out your skin, it would cover nearly 18 square feet and weighs about 6lbs.  Im not sure if the idea of me spayed out over 18 square feet is fascinating or just disgusting.

The skins primary function is to act like a mom.  It is the protective covering to all of the magic that is happening inside of our bodies.  It is a barrier and prevents  entry or harmful micro-organisms and harmful substances (despite what current news outlets might say).

Fun Facts about the skin…

Each square inch of the skin contains:

65 hairs -Gross, no one wants hair in their food!

78 heat sensors – Hmm I thought my Heat sensory was the Abercrombie and Fitch model

95-100 sebaceous glands – the very reason  we do not put baking items on our face AKA coconut oil

12 sensors for cold -I think I mutated and have 100.

160 + pressure apparatuses

78 yards of nerves – think I just have one nerve left and it was pressed by all 160 pressure points.

19 Yards of Blood vessels (SEE,  I told you the bruise wasn’t my fault!!!)

650 Sudoriferous glands-  Wait what the heck in the world is a sudoriferous gland.  It’s sounds dangerous.  They are dangerous, they are your sweat glands and if you have had a teenage boy you know just how dangerous they can be.

95,000,000 cells – I am  surprised I don’t weigh more?

1,3000 nerve endings – The vaginal has 8000 nerve endings.  So if you plan on hoping on my last nerve ending… You mine as well hop on one of them.

19, 5000 sensory cells – I am confident I was a squirrel in all of my former lives and I come equipped with heaps more sensory cells as I can not focus if you have anything sparkly on.


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