Many ask: which is better, Microneedling Pen vs. DermaRoller? Microneedling rollers are the previous generation of needling devices. One of the many drawbacks of dermal rollers is the fixed needle or penetration depth (i.e. 0.5mm) which is not very conducive when treating an area like the face which requires different depths due to the varying thickness of skin tissue, depending on the area(s) being treated. Therefore, having a fixed needle depth or penetration level is a huge drawback when trying to customize a treatment for consistency. Collagen P.I.N. ™ microneedling pen has an adjustable needle depth that allows your skincare provider to adjust penetration depth throughout the entire treatment. This will allow the medical provider to properly address the specific needs of thinner skin on your lower eyelids, crow’s feet, and forehead. Additionally, where the tissue is thicker in other areas, like the upper lip, cheeks (due to fat pads), neck and décolletage, the necessary adjustments can easily be treated with 1 needle tip instead of 5 or 6 needle rollers.

Another thing to keep in mind when you thing about Microneedling Pen vs. DermaRoller is the dramatic difference in the type of injury that occurs using these two methods.  The microneedling pen is held perpendicular to the skin so that the needles penetrate the skin vertically whereas with microneedling rollers the needles penetrate the skin at an angle causing tears which lead to more side effects and therefore longer recovery time.

Content from Induction Therapies website which is the Needling device used at DCCM.

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