Melody Fowler, LMT

Melody Fowler made a career change after living in Manhattan working in the fashion and beauty industry. She felt a calling to do something more fulfilling and holistic in nature as a career. In 2005 she graduated from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health, and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in NH. She is very passionate about massage and other alternative therapies that reduce stress and bring about peace and balance to every aspect of our body and lives.
She specializes in customized deep tissue therapy, Prenatal massage and Reiki.

Classic Relaxation Massage
Melt away stress and tension with a soothing light pressure massage. The session is excellent to calm your senses whether it’s your first time or anytime!
– 50 minutes $85
– 80 minutes $110

Deep Tissue Therapy
This customized massage works the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Great for relief of chronic pain, increases range of motion, eases the pain of migraines while reducing blood pressure and stress hormones.
– 50 minutes $95
– 80 minutes $120

Foot Reflexology
A soothing massage for feet and calves. This will help relieve soreness from overuse, unsupportive shoes and plantar fasciitis. Improves circulation and reduces swelling, leaving your feet feeling fabulous!
– 45 minutes $60
– 20 min add on $30

Prenatal Massage
Wonderfully relaxing treatment for moms to be!
Customized massage to ease aches, soreness, muscles spasms, and helps reduce swelling.
This is for second and third trimester. This treatment requires a Dr. Note of consent prior to the session.
– 50 minutes $85
– 80 minutes $110

Seated Chair Massage
Enjoy the benefits of a full massage while seated fully clothed in a comfortable ergonomical chair designed to reduce pressure off the knees and back. Chair massage helps relax muscles and the mind to reduce stress, improve circulation and calm the senses.
– 10 minutes $15
– 20 minutes $30
– 30 minutes $45

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