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It seems everywhere you go these days you can’t turn your head without seeing some hot new makeup item or makeup trend. But which product/trend can you leave and which one will you love? How do these beauty “gurus” wear that much makeup everyday? With the Winged liner, smokey eyes, and baking OH MY! How do you navigate it all?! The answer, a makeup lesson. A lesson by an unbiased and educated artist who will actually take the time to hear you out. Answer your burning questions and serve you up some truth!

We have all been that girl who walks into a department store only to be pounced on like fresh meat in the jungle by someone who works for a specific brand who will sway you towards their products or style of makeup making you feel pressured to go with what they say and make it work even if you are not necessarily sure this would be a right fit for you. Many women actually avoid going to the stores and are left to fend for themselves to discover and learn how to update their look or color match themselves and it truly can take the fun out of glamming ourselves. Sad, but true.

Spring is an ideal time to book a makeup lesson or application with proms and graduations just around the corner it is also the kickoff to the wedding season not to mention “spring cleaning” your makeup bag and give last years look some new flair. The spring season is all about makeup! So what are you waiting for?! Book a one on one lesson or make it a fun girls night and book a group lesson. We can get your make up on point.  See you soon at Surface!

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