Staying ELEGANT and CLASSY in a trendy world can be challenging.

Classy lady with full lips

Looking for soft, supple lips that remain kissable after augmentation?

Look no further, Tara is highly skilled in Lip Augmentation and will leave you with a revitalized and kissable set of lips.  With years of experience, she has perfected her craft to provide clients with amazing results that they can count on.

Enhancing ones lips is easily done in today’s aesthetic world. The providers at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine uses a smooth gel hyaluronic acid to volumize the lips. Desired outcomes are individual and we take care to listen and meet the clients unique aesthetic needs. An additional benefit of treating the lips is the tiny “smokers lines” above the lip are decreased if not fully corrected.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

After your consult for NH lip augmentation treatment, a topical numbing agent would be applied to the lips. This in combination with the numbing agent in the product makes the procedure much more tolerable than in the past. The lips are then treated in about 15-30 minutes time. Short term swelling is common for about 24 hours. Some people have mild bruising, largely in part is related to the clients’ diet, medications, and alcohol consumption. In order to decrease the amount of bruising we request clients stop blood thinners, vitamins, and herbs prior to being treated.

*Before stopping any medication you should consult with your prescribing provider.

To schedule your lip augmentation procedure at one of our locations or in the privacy of your home follow the link below or call Tara @ 603-783-1087.

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