For most people, Kybella is undeniably one of the best gifts that medical technology has given to them. Kybella is known to do the impossible: to eliminate any double chin from its recipients. Unlike many traditional methods, it offers a much more permanent result by completely destroying any traces of fat cells in the said area. 

This is not an exaggeration because chin fat was very hard to remove back then, even if you followed a strict diet and exercise plan. These are known to be stubborn. To be completely removed, you must do something that requires undergoing the plastic surgeon’s table and taking it off manually using knives. Since many people are not comfortable using an invasive method to address their double chin problems, many were ecstatic when Kybella was introduced. 

This article will tell you the nine amazing things you should know about Kybella and why many people vouch for it. We hope that you get the information you need and help you decide if Kybella is the right treatment for your needs through this article. 

Kybella is Approved by the FDA 

Kybella is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as a treatment that can be used to treat subcutaneous fat, the term used by medical experts in referring to double chin fat. Thus, you do not have to worry about the procedure itself because the ingredients in the injections for Kybella are synthetic versions of the natural elements found in our bodies in the first place. 

This makes Kybella a safe choice for those allergic reactions to any injectables used as treatments in cosmetic science. However, many clinics and aesthetic centers use Kybella to address other body areas with stubborn fat, such as the tummy area, thighs, and hips too. 

Kybella Promises Permanent Results 

One of the main selling points of Kybella is that it promises permanent results that will last much longer paired with a balanced diet and exercise. As mentioned, it is absolutely hard to lose your chin fat if you are solely relying on your diet and exercise routines. 

These are stubborn fat pockets, requiring special methods, such as Kybella, to completely remove them from the picture. 

What Kybella does is that it kills the fat cells in the chin area, the prime reason why we gain fat in our bodies in the first place. When fat cells are nowhere in the area, it would be much harder for fats to be stored there because it has no fat cells to help them stick together. 

The fat cells get destroyed by Kybella, and it is flushed out of the system naturally in the form of body waste. The fat cells get out of the body safely, leaving a chin area without any fat deposits or buildup in the next few weeks. 

It Has No Downtimes 

Compared to liposuction, where you have to rest for a long time before going back to work, Kybella does not require its patients to recover for longer periods after the treatment. It is known as a non-invasive treatment, which means that you will not be subject to surgeries or other operating procedures to accomplish the goal of eliminating your chin fat. 

After the treatment, you may experience some mild side effects. Some of the side effects include pain and discomfort in the injected area, some redness, swelling, and mild bruising around the area. You do not have to worry, though, because it will go away in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the patient. 

Some people get Kybella on Saturdays, and they go back to work on Mondays like normal, and they can still work just fine after the treatment. It also depends on your pain tolerance because some people might take a day off or two because they are aching in the area, but some can get back to work as though nothing happened. 

In short, Kybella does not have any serious risks or complications, and it is perfectly safe for everyone. 

Kybella Contains Deoxycholic Acid 

Kybella has the synthetic version of deoxycholic acid and other ingredients that helps kill and eliminate fat cells present on your chin area. Before you freak out because of the scientific-sounding name, it is perfectly safe. 

It is because we already have deoxycholic acid in our bodies. Yep, you read that right. Kybella contains an acid already inside the body, so it will not harm us because of any allergic reactions. 

Besides, it is also approved by the FDA, so there is nothing to worry about. However, always get Kybella from registered and legit skincare clinics and aesthetic centers to be super safe. 

It Takes Around 30 Minutes 

Aside from it being non-invasive, Kybella is also fast. It is a quick treatment, and you can have it in the doctor’s office for 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on the patient’s situation, some cases take around an hour, but none longer than that. Some people even take it during their lunch breaks, and they go back to work as though nothing life-changing happened. 

It Is Proven Effective to Majority of Its Recipients 

Kybella’s claims about its efficacy are not only marketing noise. It is supported by facts and testimonies from people who received this treatment then and now. Many people have vouched for Kybella’s efficacy, with the results seen in only a few months after the treatment. 

Scientifically speaking, there was a clinical study conducted about how effective Kybella was to its recipients. About 82.4% of the respondents confirmed that they were pleased with the results that Kybella had promised and delivered after receiving the treatment. 

The same study has also concluded that Kybella is the safest treatment for chin fat that the respondents have received. 

You Should Take Consistent Treatments 

However, Kybella does not work with only one single shot. Like any other cosmetic treatment, people should take consistent Kybella treatments because the results would be much more evident if done consistently. Many patients have noted significant improvements after four to six sessions, each session booked two to four weeks apart. 

Kybella is Not Enough 

Of course, everything does not end with just taking Kybella. Even though It promises permanent results and delivers as promised, it is not enough to prevent new fat cells from growing back. Thus, many experts still recommend that keeping a healthy life composed of a balanced diet and exercise would still help you maintain the results Kybella has brought to your chin. 

You Can Customize Your Kybella Treatment 

Kybella can be tailored to suit your needs and preferences since it is a treatment that depends on how large or small the unwanted fat pockets in your chin are. You can always ask your aesthetician about the best treatment plan for you because they want you to achieve only the best results from Kybella. 

Our Takeaway 

Kybella has always been the go-to treatment for people who want to get rid of their chin fat as fast as they can. Kybella is non-surgical, non-invasive, and it takes only 30 minutes per session. After a few sessions, you can already see major changes on your double chin, and paired with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, you can make the results last even longer than you may already know. 

Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine offers Kybella and other cosmetic services and procedures to bring out the best in their patients. Whatever part of your face and body you want to get treated, they can do it for you. Their team of competent experts is committed to giving the best quality cosmetic services to their patients. At Delle Chiaie, your beauty is their top priority. 

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