Caring for yourself after your Kybella Treatment
Kybella is such an amazing permanent fat-dissolving injectable!
By the time you get home from the clinic, the pain will have subsided a bit and you will begin noticing some tingling and bruising. This is an anticipated reaction along with some serious swelling. The bruises will fade and the swelling will get worse before it gets better. You will wake up the day after your treatment with more swelling than you went bed with. You may ice the area and take a daily zyrtec to help reduce the swelling. The swelling can last 3-5 days typically but is very dependent on each person’s unique make up. You will notice an odd but very tolerable tingling or numb sensation in the treated area. That sensation is also an anticipated reaction and can last up to 8 weeks.  It is advised that you sleep with your head propped up to minimize swelling. Sleep propped up until swelling is nearly gone.  
We are here for you and want you to feel confident in the process just as much as in your skin! 
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Between the hours of 8AM and 4PM you may call the number but if you feel you have a pressing question that can not wait after normal business hours; please text (603)-783-1087 so we can assist you.  We hope you enjoy your results and look forward to seeing you again at your next visit.  

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