Knowledge is power 🤓
I want nothing more than to restore my community confidence and rest their fears surrounding the COVID-19 nightmare we are living. I am so thrilled to be able to offer COVID-19 testing at DCCM. I am not looking to profit off of these tests; that is why they are so inexpensive. I just want to give back to my community and provide a sense of well being. I do recommend you reserve your spot immediately as I can not guarantee the supply chain. Our first lot of 50 tests were gone in under 35 minutes.
The test I am offering is looking at both the IGG and the IGM. What that means is previous exposure and active exposure.
My goal is to work closely with the state and the CDC to share my research on my results from the tests. Please know only the number count of positive and negative tests gets sent. ABSOLUTELY no patient information will be shared.
I love science and medicine so very much that I have taken this as an opportunity to play my part in being the SOLUTION not the problem. I want my community to be able to have confidence if they have been exposed to rest assured that it will be ok for them to return to the workforce and that you LIVED through it. The fear of the unknown is the FUNDAMENTAL FEAR.

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