The man responsible for the twinkle and the sheepish grin she gets is Jake Councilman. She lights up like a little girl in a shoe store at the mere mention of Jake’s name.

While their mutual adoration and love for each other is evident, these two could not be more contrasting; Jake wears Van’s and a t-shirt, he loves riding his antique Indian motorcycle and perusing auctions for vintage Chinese décor. Tara is glam and avant-garde. Sky high Louboutin stilettos and black A-line dresses is her go-to outfit, and that’s on a casual day.

Her office space is high end, modern and shimmer; think glass tables, chrome chairs and gorgeous Chrystal chandeliers. As a highly skilled electrician, Jake’s days are spent braving the elements of harsh weather or he finds himself in dark basements, and hot attics.

Jakes loves movies while Tara is engrossed by Medical Journals. Tara could cite research from a medical journal 10 years old. However, she misses the beat on every movie reference. Jake can’t say no to Scorpion bowls—Tara drinks her Martinis dirty. The juxtaposition goes on, and yet, when you see them together, it all makes sense and you know that you are in the presence of true love.

They were teenagers when they first met, and while the mutual attraction was there, life took them in separate ways. A decade later, they found each other again. A simple text, re-ignited the spark, 8 years later, the fire won’t be contained. Their passion and love for one another grows every day. A mere text from Jake still brings out a smile to her face, and she still gets just as giddy as she did when she was a young girl.

The life and love that Tara and Jake share together has been forged over almost a decade of togetherness, adventure, life’s trials and tribulations—and with every day, their bond grows stronger. They recently purchased a home together, where they happily reside with her 3 boys, their 2 dogs and the recent addition of two cats. Love to them was not about finding someone they could spend the rest of their lives with, but rather, finding in each other what they couldn’t live without each other.

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