Looking to redefine your lifestyle?

Well, look no further… We offer a comprehensive approach to nutrition. It’s not about just simply changing the foods you consume; it is important to first understand your system from a functional standpoint.

Healthy living is lifestyle redefined!

Our food and environment have changed dramatically in recent years. Many people are frustrated, tired, and unable to meet simple goals of wellness. Why?! Many of us do not comprehend the relationship between the food we ingest and how the body responds to it. Nutritional awareness has not kept pace with the tampering of our food supply. Minimizing inflammation in the body is the key to healthy living.

What is more dangerous fat or inflammation? Through science we now know that fat is no longer the enemy. Most weight loss issues, along with auto immune, GI, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases, are actually our bodies reacting to external stresses caused by changes in the environment, modified foods and chemical additives.

Most advertised weight loss programs allow you to believe eating chocolate cake with processed sugar is acceptable as long as you keep track of your caloric intake. Such programs apply fundamental knowledge for staying trim, but counting calories does not ward off the body’s inflammatory response or the breakdown and aging of our cells. You don’t have to be obese to be vulnerable to disease. In order to maintain optimal health our awareness must stay one step ahead of the ever increasing levels of food tampering. Change begins with our thinking and habits before it affects our waistline. Feeling younger with increased energy is more enticing than a slice of cake.

We have developed lifestyle programs to increase health on a cellular level. Our programs give our clients scientifically proven tools to obtain their goals in a healthy and sustainable manner, using the approach of whole body wellness.

Getting started

First you will be given a health history and questionnaire to complete, then Tara and Ilianna will review the intake forms and laboratory tests will be ordered. After the tests are resulted we will then meet with you to discuss our findings and develop a unique plan just for you. No two plans are alike as we will be developing this plan based on your individual functional cellular needs.

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