Brow Shaping: Find the right ARCH SUPPORT
See a pro at least once a season to craft the best shape. An expert like Katrina Jeanne of Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine will take care to balance the space between the eye and the brow.

Tweezing is the art of removing one hair at a time. This is best for defining and refining and established shape as opposed to executing complete overhaul of the silhouette. This is something you will want to get done once a month with your routine facials.

Waxing will make fast work of the woefully neglected and shapeless brow. Katrina will utilize the wax in such an efficient way you will be left with crisp clean lines.

At home tips

If you are going to tweeze at home…Do not use the magnifier!!!! This is how countless eyebrows become sparse and shapeless.
Remove 2-3 hairs on one side and then step back and review your results. Don’t go hackZILLA on those brows.
I don’t recommend trimming at home. A lot can go wrong here. Although the hair on your chin crops overnight 10 feet long…Your brows don’t have the same resilience that the pesky chin hair has.

Ok so, now let’s choose the color for your brow pencil!

We use Jane Iredale at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine. Tara and Katrina will happily help you choose the right color.

Blonde Brows
Taupe is your best friend. Avoid warm tones as it will give your hairs an orange glow.

Brunet Brows
Go for a golden brown, it will brighten your face without overpowering your complexion.

Red Brows
Avoid red at all cost despite your inherent nature to go for it. Instead try a mahogany color that matches your hair in warm tones. Avoid lightening them too much.

Gray Brows
Salt and pepper types are wise to chose a hint of brown. Go lighter brown if your more salt and dark brown for more pepper.
Black brows (not many have this color)

Be weary
opt for dark brown or onyx.

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