Facial Fillers are AMAZING at Re-Volumization of facial tissue

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The use of Facial fillers is a wonderful treatment to restore and lift facial tissue.  As we age we all lose volume and the skin begins to sag leaving an unwanted droopy or sad-looking face.  With proper use of facial fillers, Tara can help to restore your anatomy to a more youthful period in your life.  She is extremely mindful that her weapon of choice is a syringe with filler and not a scalpel.  Tara carefully places the facial filler to volumize, lift and pin the tissue.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the facial anatomy allowing for proper placement of the product in order to yield the most natural and youthful look.  Her understanding of the products, the aging process and her keen ability to truly hear what you are saying leaves her clients radiant and happy.

  Therefore, she only chooses products that have a high safety profile and have proven for years reliability in her hands.  Facial filler augmentation is part art and part science but it is always medicine.  Please chose your provider strategically and with intent after a thorough check.


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