Painful Intercourse?
Discolored Labia?
Vaginal Dryness?
Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Gone are the days where woman suffer in silence.  Aesthetic Medicine has taken a giant leap into functional wellness with outstanding patient satisfaction.  The CO2RE Intima by Candella Medical is changing the way woman feel about intercourse.  Tara has had great success in restoring intimacy and reducing stress urinary incontinence among her patients at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine DCCM.

CO2RE Intima is a non-surgical laser procedure that restores vaginal health and functionality. It is appropriate for women in the peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal stages of life, as well as for women looking to improve sexual function and confidence related to their vaginal appearance and health.

After childbirth or advanced age, the vaginal walls may become lax and the labia may sag. This can negatively impact a woman’s self-confidence and vaginal performance. Common symptoms for post-menopausal women include burning, itching and dryness of the vaginal region as well as pain during intercourse. Cosmetic changes include increased pigmentation to the skin and sagging of the labia.


Restores vaginal health, function and appearance
Reduces “leaking” urinary incontinence
Tightens vaginal internal walls and external labia
Reduces itchiness and dryness
Quick, non-surgical, in-office, no-downtime procedure

Who is the ideal candidate.

The ideal patients for the CO2RE Intima treatment are women who have noticed a change with their vaginal health and satisfaction, in terms of either appearance or function. These changes can occur in women of all ages, but are more common after childbirth and aging.

CO2RE Intima uses medical laser technology to deliver light energy to the tissues in and around the vagina. The lasers energy stimulates the body’s own healing response to promote an increase in collagen production. By creating microscopic holes in the treatment tissues, the laser stimulates collagen production. This natural healing response improves the soft tissue tone, texture and appearance in the vaginal canal and over the external vulva. In addition, the laser energy stimulates increased moisture in the vaginal canal, reducing dryness and discomfort during intimate moments.

Our medical team is dedicated to your health, results, privacy and comfort. If you would like to improve your vaginal health and satisfaction, please contact us to schedule your private consultation.

How do I schedule my appointment?

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