By the time you arrive home after your Dermal Filler Treatment  you will have noticed some bruising and swelling. This is to be expected. If you develop intense pain or uneven swelling please call the office so that we can address this concern immediately. You should have mild tenderness but there should not be any intense pain. There is no question too big or small; we are happy to keep you informed and educated on the process of the treatment you received.     
If perhaps you found yourself with a bit of a bruise, we recommend the use of Arnica cream and tablets. Each product formulation is different therefore, we would advise that you follow the specific directions on the back of the branded bottle you purchase. These can be found at the whole foods store right in Hampton or at most pharmacies and or grocery stores.     
  • Be sure to avoid having any dental work done till at least two weeks pre and post procedure. 
  • No make up or lip gloss until you are healed
  • Keep your lips hydrated with a clean balm
  • Use the speaker on your phone instead of pressing it to your face
  • Do NOT go in a hot tub, pool, lake or ocean until you are completely healed. Showering is fine
  • Do not touch or manipulate the area
If you had your lips done, they will feel big and at times uneven. This will all settle out. We tell our clients “don’t love them or hate them for two weeks”. You will be apprehensive of the swelling at first and then once the swelling goes away you will wish they were swollen again. That is when you know you want more.    
 We are here for you and want you to feel confident in the process just as much as in your skin!   
Immediately report any abnormal swelling and or intense pain, discoloration or lacey bruise like pattern (we will call this mottling). If it feels “off”, “different”, or “strange” please call us during business hours and text us after business hours.   
Our number is (603)-783-1087 
Between the hours of 8AM and 4PM you may call the office number. However, if you feel you have a pressing question that can not wait until normal business hours; please text (603)-783-1087 so we can assist you.  We hope you enjoy your results and look forward to seeing you again at your next visit.     
Love the skin you are in! 
Phone: 603-783-1087

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