Staying hydrated isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially when you get sick of plain old water. I wanted to share a few ways to hydrate deliciously so you can easily consume the recommended daily amount to keep that flawless skin, glowing and radiant.

You really can’t go wrong when creating your own H2O concoction! By adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can create your own kind of flavor. Some ideas: warm water with 1/2 of a lemon, ice water with mixed fruits or veggies, pure coconut water, water infused with mint leaves.


Be mindful of sugar

Many drinks out there may claim to be healthy, but you need to keep a watchful eye out for the amount of sugar that it contains. You also need to be mindful for the amount of servings within these drinks because many exceed one serving. Most naturally flavored drinks are lower on sugar, but will have two and a half to three servings! The safest (and most delicious) way to enjoy a low calorie fruit drink is to make it yourself. How much better will it be to claim it as your own?

Lastly, make sure to offset any tea or coffee you have with one 8oz glass of water per cup of caffeinated beverage. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun experimenting with the different flavors and varieties!

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