Stabilizing Skin is Essential in all Skin Care Routines

As skin health professionals, one of the things we constantly hear from clients of all different ages and lifestyles is that they feel as if their skin is dull and tired looking and no matter what they seem to do nothing gives them that revived look they are eagerly looking to achieve. What many of them don’t realize is the answer is to simply integrate an antioxidant into your regimen to protect your skin leaving healthy cells untouched allowing skin to brighten lighten, and tighten. Giving it a rejuvenated glow that we are all constantly in search of.

One of the most potent serums to defend your skin against free radicals and environmental pollution can be found right in our office at Surface. The ZO Daily Power Defense starts going to work immediately as soon as it is absorbed into the skin, cleaning your skin cells and ridding them of harmful agents that can prematurely age the skin as well as gently exfoliate impurities on the surface of your skin. This is a great product for all ages, lifestyles, and skin conditions. You will notice results almost immediately and that tired lackluster skin will transform into a glowing and smooth surface that even J-Lo herself would be jealous of! Did I mention it’s also easy! Using only 2-3 pumps in the morning under your moisturizer is all it takes to start seeing these benefits. Gorgeous glowing skin is waiting for you right here at Surface Medical Esthetics so get turn that dry dull winter skin into a beautiful spring glow NOW with the ZO Daily Power Defense.

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