COVID-19 Testing

Novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) has paralyzed the world.  It has taken away from communities, destroyed small businesses, increased stress levels at homes, and yes it has even taken away our FREEDOM.  Many have become riddled with fear.  Fear is a terrible burden to bear as fear is stress and stress can weaken one’s immune system. 

I am so excited to announce we now offer COVID Testing.   

For those of you who don’t know me; you may be wondering how is a Med Spa offering this and how are they open right now?  Great question!  I am actually a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and have a Concierge Medical practice as well as my Med Spa right in Hampton NH.  This means I offer primary care to my members and the community.  Being that I am qualified as a provider and have the necessary licensing and status to run a medical practice, I am still open to serve and protect the community.  

The COVID -19 testing I am offering is $175.  Testing is on a first come first serve basis.  You must book an appointment online or by calling the office. 603-783-1087.  I can not guarantee how long this pricing will last.  I have ordered two batches so far and both cost different amounts.  As supplies become low I am purchasing more.  We are all at the mercy of the demand right now.

You may be questioning how cheap the test is and wondering if it is valid.  At this time I am offering these tests at the bare minimum cost.  I am NOT looking to profit from this test; I simply want to provide answers to my members and the seacoast community.  My hope is to provide reassurance to the community.  I believe that fear of the unknown creates intense distress which breeds depression, anxiety, an increase in alcohol consumption and so many other down spiraling habits.  I just want my community to have a “peace” of mind, a sense of normalcy, a sense of protection.  

The tests I have will be analyzing if patients have active exposure or if they have had previous exposure.  Out tests are listed on the FDA’s website under EUA.

I look forward to caring for you all.  

A little side note about safety and your protection:

Please know that we have always taken great caution to cleanliness and safety pre COVID.  This means post COVID changes were minimal as we have always held the highest of standards representing a medical practice.   We have always cleaned before and after every patient, we have always utilized hospital grade and appropriate cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers, we have always screened our patients, we have always worn the appropriate protective equipment based on the illness or the procedure.  So, not much has needed to change in the way in which we have done things here at DCCM.  We were already doing it and we will continue to do it as well.  Don’t get me wrong we have made changes Post COVID.  You can now expect your temperature to be taken the minute you arrive at our doorstep and each patient is assigned an individual waiting room when it is necessary to be seen in the office post COVID.  We will continue to stay up to date on the best practices recommended by the CDC and the NHDHHS.  We will act accordingly with all of the recommendations with your safety at the forefront of our everyday operations.  

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