AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a revolutionary microinjector that delivers a low dose of therapeutics into the skin using patented repeated motion microchannel injection technology.

In medical aesthetics, unlike other therapeutic areas, we often seek lower doses of products to achieve a more natural appearance and outcome. Full injections of maximum FDA-approved doses may not necessarily provide the optimal results you are looking for. Therefore with the use of Aqua Gold device your provider can hand-select certain ingredients and deliver subtle yet effective amounts of the products.  This treatment is great for the beginner aesthetics customer and for the advanced to complement your deep dermal filler injections or to enhance your Botox® treatments.

This is why it is essential to establish these foundational facts to begin creating an individual plan for each and every client.

The Aqua Gold is a quick and painless in-office treatment.  Most clients come on a lunch break and resume work immediately after treatment.  The cost is $600.  you may have them done monthly or as a kick start to your skincare treatment protocol and at that time we would recommend a series of 3.  Each and every treatment works synergistically with one another at our office.  We focus on results and medical-grade care.


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