#1: Botox injections look so easy, anyone can perform injections

“That’s not true,” Tara Delle Chiaie, ARNP states.  What may appear to be easy-breezy on a fast-paced video on social media is actually not simple at all.  The procedure may take five minutes, but it really takes years and years plus five minutes to perform.  It takes years and years of medical training and even more years of hands-on experience.  Botox and other aesthetic injectables are part medicine and part art.  Your Board Certified Provider must possess both skills

Be sure to ask your injectors about their education, training, and credentials. Botox is not taught in traditional medical and nursing schools so your injector must have taken part in advanced and additional training.  Furthermore, it is imperative that your injector understands injector facial anatomy.  You may say how is that different than regular anatomy?  An injector needs to know what vessels and muscles exist in the plane they are plunging the needle not just that they exist.  It is alarming to me how many injectors are not familiar with facial anatomy and furthermore familiar with injector facial anatomy.

Your injections should only be performed from a board-certified injector and in a medical facility.

There are inherent risks when you take to the needle.  Your risk for long-term complications skyrockets when you are in the hands of someone who thought they would dive into the med spa industry on a whim.  They go out and take out huge loans to have fancy offices giving the illusion of a premier spa.  It is important that you seek out your injections from someone who has deviated their lives work to the industry.  Find someone who is a part of the bigger picture, someone who is investing in the development of policies and research and continues to attend higher learning activities.  This industry is fast becoming the wild west and is under-regulated without standardization of care.  That makes it all the more imperative to seek out a board-certified highly esteemed injector.  Due to the potential complications of many of these procedures; they are not something to shop around for a bargain.  Do not and I repeat do not get your botox or fillers from a Groupon advertisement.  Discounts like that are for theme parks not for medicine.  Would you have open heart surgery from a Groupon offer?  I imagine the answer is no; as it should be.

#2: I will look fake and/or overdone

This is both true and false.  In the wrong hands, you will look fake and overdone.  In the right hands, you will look and feel refreshed and more youthful.  Keep in mind if you are seeing an injector set your expectations appropriately.  Your injector has a needle, not a scalpel.  The most amazing work is work that no one notices.  It is work where people may ask if you had your hair done, or if you have a new lipstick.

A good injector is someone who will turn you down if the treatment you are requesting is not appropriate or safe for you.  A consult is extremely important in order for the injector to get an understanding of your goals while assessing for the best possible treatments that will help you achieve your goals.

Injectors can make major transformations and still keep you balanced and propionate.  Understanding g bone structure and the way the face ages throughout the layers is essential in sculpting the face with botox and fillers.  Bone structure changes as we age which mean all the layers on top will change throughout the years.  Therefore, understanding needs and anatomy is key to your happiness with your treatment.

Botox has a lot of room to shape a face and the injector is in the driver’s seat.  With a proper consult, you and your injector can develop a treatment plan just for you.  Botox can remove feelings from the face along with lines and wrinkles.  Many of Tara’s clients say “I look angry all the time” or “I look like I’m frowning all the time”.  These are negative emotions etched into the skin from years of emotions that break down the skin.  When your injector utilizes Botox into the muscle it prevents the muscle from contracting which in essence is breaking down the skin leaving the little etched in lines.  There is control in the amount of movement you have after Botox.  It is based on your consultation, your facial anatomy, the dose of Botox, and the placement of the injections.  Botox is not a cookie-cutter treatment, each treatment should be individualized and catered to you specifically.

#3: Once I get my injections, Do I need to keep them up forever?  

No, That is not the case.  You can get Botox and or Fillers just once and never get them again if you choose.  However, I imagine you will want them again if you have sought out a board-certified injector because you will look and feel great.  Some people ask if they will be stretched out after filler or permanently im-mobile after Botox.  Once you have a treatment, you can let it wear off and you will go back to your baseline.

#4: Do I have to know what product I want before I seek treatment.  

Even though it should be the injector’s choice, your past experiences do have value and are important.  So please speak up and share your thoughts and or concerns.

#5: Is everyone a good candidate for Botox and fillers?

No, not everyone is a good candidate.   If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you should not get Botox and fillers.  If you are acutely ill, you should not seek out treatment as this could create long-term complications with systemic effects.  If you are a healthy adult then you re likely a great candidate for Botox and filler.

Set up a consult to meet with your injector and make sure you get a good vibe.  This is a relationship and you need to feel comfortable with the injector as this is the person that will manage you in follow-up.  Should you have a question, concern or complication you need to feel comfortable with the injector that they will help can help and have the skills to help.  Don’t trust your face with just anyone.


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