While the rest of Social media is focused on perfecting the perfect pout this Valentines day; I want to focus on something a bit more personal…Intimacy.

Being intimate isn’t just about looking great and then tearing off your clothes, it is so much more than that.  As women age, they undergo so many changes both physically and emotionally.  The aging process in combination with a females evolving hormones can leave you feeling a bit dry and deflated.  It is common for the vagina to produce less lubrication in the face of changing hormones and vaginal tissue.  The labia can become either white and pale looking or can even darken with time.  The vaginal opening can tighten and present painful intercourse or it can become lax due to hormones and child birth.  Many women also suffer with stress urinary incontinence (SUI).  Sneezing, laughing and coughing can become disastrous due to SUI.  Women will begin to shy away from intercourse and the opportunity to be intimate with their partner due to these changes.  No matter what the situation is, we can help. Love is rare and should be celebrated.

The act of intercourse is better than any anti-depressant you can take.  The surge in positive hormones during the act of sex is a rush of positivity.  Then when a woman climaxes there is an even greater release of all of these happy hormones floating around.  Did you ever notice that when you start your day off with intercourse, you tend to be in a much better mood?  Things don’t irritate you nearly as much and you have a bit of a pep to your step.  This is all chemical! However when the grim reaper of time and age grab a hold of your little lady bits we begin to shy away from the act of intimacy.  Then we begin to shy away from more and more in life.

There is help!!!

ALL women will go through these changes so, there is nothing to be shy or ashamed of; it’s natural.  I have worked with the Core Intima device for the last 6 years and have seen its power.  My favorite is when women come back after their treatment and have tears of joy in their eyes.  There is nothing better than that feeling for me as a provider.  My job may seem clinical and task oriented but much of what I do touches on peoples emotions and confidence.

This device offers woman a chance to restore and rejuvenate their vagina which in turn can restore their love life.  There is nothing better than when two souls connect and you have no idea who’s breath you are breathing.  When two heart beats become one powerful life force, when you can let go completely and give into the raw passion is when love is the loudest.  The act of intimacy is far better than hearing the words I love you.  Let your body tell your mate how much you love them.  If you are struggling with aging intimately; lets set up a consult to discuss how the Core Intima treatment can help.



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