Lash Lifts – $115

Lash lifts offer a virtually maintenance-free way to open up the eyes and make them “pop” by curling and lifting the lashes. The process takes about 45 minutes; closer to an hour with the addition of a lash tint. Once lifted, the results are immediately noticeable, and stay so for about six to eight weeks.

Schedule lash lifts in Hampton, New Hampshire. We offer the Keratin Lash Lift, which lasts 8-12 weeks. The treatment is described as “a natural way to enhance your natural lashes to create a nice curve and lift.”

A lash lift is not a perm and does not involve any harsh chemicals (no parabens or formaldehyde). This ~top secret~ technique used when applying keratin to the lashes is what makes the results so incredible.

Lash lifts


Using a silicone pad we glue the lashes in an upward position and then apply a perm solution (like they did in the 80’s) to give your natural lash a lift and curl. The pads act as a rod and come in 3 different sizes offering different dimensions and depth to each client’s style and length of their lashes. The result is gorgeous lifted lashes that won’t damage your natural lash and allows you to still wear mascara, unlike lash extensions. If you are blonde or have lighter lashes we strongly advice doing a lash tint to compliment your lift and make the transformation even more dramatic.

The lift alone takes about half an hour and about an hour with a tint. We also strongly encourage using a growth serum or Latisse to optimize your results. Say goodbye to costly extensions every 3-4 weeks and hello to simple low maintenance lash lifts! You will immediately see that the results, speak for themselves!


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