Tara of DCCM will guide you through the maze of opening up your own business. From start to finish, she can help with the business creation, the plan, and the development of a sound foundation for purchasing technology or acquiring new knowledge. Entering the world of aesthetics requires more than just becoming certified in injectables. One must create a savvy business plan based on geographical location, community spending habits, and socio-economical status of the area.

Tara has years of research under her belt which makes her ideal for researching the industry’s needs and aligning them with the community in which your new business will be launched. Every fine detail is cared for and if you wish she will help you design your build-out to meet OSHA and industry standards. Creating a beautiful yet functional and safe place is just one of the perks with her plan. You will gain access to all of her consents, policy and procedures, employee handbooks and so much. She can take the stress and confusion out of the start-up and let you focus on what you do best…INJECT!

For this of you who love a list (she definitely does) here is some of the features that can be a part of your plan…

  • Business Plan
  • 5 year projected growth
  • Business License
  • Policy’s and Procedures
  • Creating a launch party
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Policies
  • Web Site Design
  • Online booking
  • The layout of the physical space
  • The interior design of the space
  • Vendor List

We work with everyone to create all different types of plans. Your business plan can be all-encompassing or we can help with a few items. The pricing will depend on the level of help you require. Once you decide on the areas you would like us to participate in; Tara will provide you with a thorough proposal of the scope of work for you to approve.

Every one of Tara’s students, coworkers, or customers has been thrilled with her work. She is not only talented but very well connected with wonderful industry leaders the can help guide you along the way. Compassion over the competition is Tara’s motto.


At Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine in Hampton NH on the Seacoast, we treat all kinds of complexions and conditions. The benefit of being treated at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is you don’t just get a Surface treatment: you get the benefit of an experienced and highly trained provider with nearly 20 years in medicine. We can evaluate you both internally and externally. You may be surprised to know that a majority of skin disorders arise from a much more complex internal source. To get started, give us a call at (603) 783-1087. Stay tuned to hear about one of our amazing success stories…

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