Now that you have taken the plunge with your Botox or Dysport (neuromodulator) treatment we want to remind you about your aftercare instructions.  This way you can maximize the potential of your treatment.
Please refrain from the use of hats, helmets, and visors.  It is also important to not have a  facial or a massage three days after your treatment.  The Botox or Dysport (neuromodulator) that we put in the muscle needs to set up in the muscle in order to take effect. By restricting the blood flow and putting pressure on the muscles in the treated area can cause an unwanted shift in the product and at times it will  result in an unwanted outcome.
Tara giving a patient a Botox injection
Botox and Dysport (neuromodulator) takes two full weeks to kick in. As the treatment begins to settle you may want to give us a call to have us add a touch more in that time frame. We will not add more in the treated area within that two weeks time frame. Trust in the process that it will all settle out within the two weeks. Should you need a slight touch up at two weeks, we welcome you to come back in for evaluation. Our goal is to do our best to meet your aesthetic wishes. We really do encourage and love to see all of our clients back at two weeks to be sure your treatment is perfect.     
If perhaps you found yourself with a bit of a bruise, we recommend the use of Arnica cream and tablets. Each product formulation is different therefore, we would advise that you follow the specific directions on the back of the branded bottle you purchase. These can be found at the whole foods store right in Hampton or at most pharmacies and or grocery stores.  
Want us to let you in on a little secret?  
One helpful little trick to improve your Botox and Dysport (neuromodulator) treatment is being sure you have adequate Zinc in your system. All neuromodulators require Zinc at the nerve terminal so that the neuromodulator can bind to it most effectively. If you feel that your Neuromodulator isn’t as stiff or strong as it has been in the past and we are using the same dose…consider adding zinc supplements 5 days prior to treatment and 5 days post-treatment. We do suggest you speak with your pharmacist to find the best product and be sure that if you are on any medications that it will not interfere with any previously prescribed drugs.    
We want to thank you for choosing the team here at DCCM.  As always, please call us with any questions or concerns that may arise.  We are here for you and want you to feel confident in the process just as much as in your skin!    
Our number is (603)-783-1087.    
Between the hours of 8AM and 4PM you may call the office number. However, if you feel you have a pressing question (emergency) that can not wait until normal business hours; please text (603)-783-1087 so we can assist you.  We hope you enjoy your results and look forward to seeing you again at your next visit. 
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